15 Heroic Cats Who Saved Their Owners’ Lives

close up photo of tabby cat

Animals are man’s best friends. This is known to everyone. However, when we think of heroic animals, for some reason we always think of dogs. This is not surprising: dogs serve in the army, police and customs, they fight drugs, detain bandits, rescue people in the mountains and from the rubble – in general, extremely useful animals. However, everyone forgets about cats: these fluffy purrs can also be quite heroic! Today we will tell you some stories about cats that saved the lives of their owners.

1 Wisconsin pudding

Pudding is a huge cat from Wisconsin that weighs almost ten kilograms! He lived in an orphanage for a long time, until he was taken into the family where the mother and her child lived. It should be noted that the woman suffered from diabetes in an acute form. Once, right in the middle of the night, she was struck by an attack, so much so that she could not even call her son! Realizing that something was wrong, Pudding hurried to the child’s room and woke him up. The boy called an ambulance for his mother. Thus, the cat saved the owner’s life!

2. Tara from California

Do you think that only dogs chase cats? Ha! No matter how! You just haven’t seen a cat named Tara living with her family in California. One day Tara’s little master was walking in the street. Suddenly, a neighbor’s dog attacked him. He knocked the baby off his feet and pressed his paws to the ground. The brave cat, not afraid of a healthy dog, rushed at him and began to bite and scratch! From surprise, the dog got scared and ran away, and the boy was able to quickly retreat home.

3. Masha from Obninsk

An ordinary Obninsk stray cat named Mashka became famous throughout Russia and even around the world after she saved the life of a two-month-old baby that her mother left to die in one of the city entrances. For several hours in a row, in the conditions of a cold winter, Masha warmed the child with her body, and then she began to scream and howl terribly. The neighbors ran to the sounds and saw the baby. She was saved. After that, Masha was taken to his home by one of the residents of the very entrance where she spent the winter.


4. Sally from Australia

This brave cat saved her owner’s life when a fire broke out in his house. It happened at night. Master Sally was asleep when the apartment started to go up in flames. The cat, sensing something was wrong, began to yell loudly and even bite its owner. Waking up, he immediately grabbed his fluffy pet under his arm and ran out of the apartment.

5 Opie from Pennsylvania

Opie the cat from Pennsylvania saved the life of a small child. She lived in a family with a baby, but the area was quite criminal and there were often showdowns and even with the use of weapons. And one evening, a gang fight happened right outside the house of the family where Opie lived. Someone opened fire, and a stray bullet hit the room where the child was sleeping. Only by a lucky chance the baby did not die: the bullet hit the cat. By the way, she, against all odds, survived and still lives with her owners.

6. Unknown alpine cat

This story happened in the Alps a few years ago. A male hiker who was walking in the mountains fell badly and injured his leg. He decided, of course, to return to the hotel as soon as possible, but he realized that he was lost and did not know the way. And then, as if out of nowhere, a cat appeared. She began to meow demandingly, looking at the man. Then the purr turned around and walked confidently somewhere. The tourist went after her and soon went to the hotel.

7. Jack from New Jersey

Not only in Russia, aggressive bears roam right through the streets! A cat named Jack, who lives in New Jersey, was calmly basking in the sun in his backyard. Suddenly, a roar was heard, the fence crackled, and out of nowhere, a bear suddenly appeared! It’s a paradox, but the cat was not afraid, but hissed and screamed at the bear, frightening him so much that he climbed a tree and sat there until the rescuers arrived. What a huge power, as it turned out, was hidden in a small fluffy cat!

8. Leo of Crowley

One day, a robber climbed into the house where a cat named Leo lived with his owners. He had almost reached the stash of money, when the cat woke up. The vigilant guard began to howl as if he was being cut. Of course, everyone in the house woke up. The robber is gone. He was never found, however, he did not have time to steal anything.

9. Perch from Wales

Perch the Cat, who lives with his elderly owner in Wales, was quite old himself. However, despite his venerable age, he has not lost his scent. This saved both his and his owner’s lives when a gas leak started in the house. The cat began to scream loudly, pointing to the source of the smell, so the leak was localized and eliminated in time.

10. Louisiana crocodile wrestler

One day, a group of tourists from Louisiana went to the surrounding forests of New Orleans on vacation. These places are known for swampy rivers, in which, among other things, alligators are found. One of these inhabitants of the water just got out during a lunch break in order to feast on tourists. It is not known how everything would have ended if the cat had not intervened, for unknown reasons, clinging to the group. He began to scream loudly and waved his paws in the face of the crocodile until he crawled back into the water. So small and not afraid of the alligator!

11. Lima from Texas

Eight years ago, a cat named Lima, who lives with her owner in Texas, rescued a woman from several hungry stray dogs who unexpectedly attacked her. The brave animal fought desperately with opponents that were many times superior both in strength and mass. Ultimately, the dogs retreated. The owner of Lima received only minor scratches. And the cat was not hurt at all!

12 Meatball from France

One day, a woman named Alexandra, who lives in France, suddenly heard her cat, named Meatball, screaming loudly and desperately tearing open the door to the attic with his paws. Opening it, the hostess saw with horror that the attic was all on fire and that soon the fire threatened to spread to the rest of the house. Grabbing the cat, Alexandra managed to escape from the house on fire, but Meatball disappeared somewhere. He returned a few days later, completely unharmed.

13. Tommy from Columbus

In a completely miraculous way, a cat named Tommy saved the life of his disabled owner. After several strokes, the man was in a wheelchair. One day he accidentally fell out of it. Of course, there was no way he could sit back and forth. Soon rescuers arrived at the house. It was they who helped the man sit back in the wheelchair. When the rescuers asked who called them, it turned out that it was done by … Tommy the cat! He managed to jump on the table and press the button to call the medical team with his paw. And they say that animals are stupid!

14. Doncaster Smudge

One day, a little five-year-old boy named Ethan from Doncaster, walking in the yard with his cat Smudge, was attacked by hooligans. However, the animal turned out to be not one of the timid: it tore apart the fighters so much that they fled away from the yard, just to escape from the crazy cat! As soon as the danger was over, Smudge immediately calmed down and settled peacefully on Ethan’s lap.

15. Slinky-Malinky from Lancashire

This strangely named cat saved her owner’s life last year. The fact is that the woman, at whose house the purr lived, suffered from severe pain. Doctors prescribed her a strong drug – morphine. the woman’s body did not take the medicine. She lost consciousness. Waking up, the patient could only crawl to the bed. She didn’t have the strength to call a doctor. Slinky-Malinki came to the rescue. The cat screamed so loudly and scratched the walls that frightened neighbors broke into the house. It was they who called the doctors to the barely alive woman.