Horse saddle weight

running white horse

How much does the saddle weigh? Just as there is no single qualification for saddles, so there is no single standard for their weight. But there is a main rule: the weight depends on the type of saddle , its dimensions and the materials from which it was made.

Saddle weight is critical only for racing saddles. For other types, it is important that the saddle sits on the horse (does not press, does not dangle), clearly fixes the rider in the saddle, taking into account his volume and height, and does not cause discomfort. Design features and workmanship are important. But sometimes you need to know what makes up the weight of saddles. Consider the main factors that influence it.

  • Tree material – by default, it is made of wood, but options are possible. A lighter, but also more expensive tree is made of plastic. If we compare a tree made of wood and plastic, then the latter weighs about 1.5 kg less. At the same time, it is important to use high-quality plastic, since cheap fakes quickly crack, unable to withstand loads. Trees are also made from plywood, metal (for example, the frame is made of wood and reinforced with metal).
  • Additional details: bows, stops, handles, hooks and other devices, for example, to fasten any things on a hike. So, bows can be metal or hollow inside. The stops according to the design are more, less or completely absent. In budget saddles, the stops are stuffed with felt, this makes the weight heavier. The more expensive ones have a special, light and durable foam that is resistant to deformation.

All together this affects the final weight.

As a result, the average saddle weighs 5-9 kg. But there are design features and purpose, according to which some types of saddles either make them heavier or lighter.

Now let’s take a closer look at how much these or those saddles weigh.


Saddle of the English type, the lightest. Its weight should be minimal so as not to weigh down the horse during the races.

A racing saddle is made as light as possible, and therefore made of lightweight materials: plastic tree, leatherette for upholstery. As a result, it weighs about 300-500 grams.


Designed for jumping over obstacles. It should lie well on the horse’s back, not slip and be stable.

A professional jumping saddle is made with minimal stops and a plastic tree.

Weigh from 5 kg.


Dressage allows you to develop the natural abilities of the horse, to show its beauty and grace. The rider must sit firmly in the saddle, not for a moment losing contact with the horse.

More material goes into a dressage saddle because it has longer wings. Dressage on a wooden tree weighs about 6.5-7 kg.

Western (shepherd)

It was originally intended for ranch workers – the design is such that it is convenient to be in it all day. Suitable for hiking, grazing, and in general for those who spend a lot of time on horseback.

Western can weigh in different ways. Cheaper models use synthetics. Such saddles are lighter, within 7 kg.

In a high-quality western , the tree is additionally enlivened with leather, several devices are attached to it at once, starting from the handle on the front pommel and ending with lasso hooks. Such a hook must withstand significant loads, and in no case fall off in the event of a bull lassoing. Therefore, it is required to create additional rigidity at the attachment point, which also increases the weight.

Most often, the western is lined not with felt, like many saddles, but with artificial or natural fur, which also makes them heavier.

As a result, a quality western weighs about 17-18 kg.


The cavalry saddle is one of the most popular due to its low price. It is taken for pastures, skiing for children and adults. Made from affordable materials.

Weight – about 7 kg


It was created for police officers and the army, for use in parades. Nowadays, it is mainly used for long trips, riding in the field.

Weight – about 7 kg.


Designed for measured riding, horseback riding, dressage + jumping, also suitable for beginners who are taking their first steps in equestrian sport.

Approximate weight – 7 kg.

pony saddle

It has the same design as the universal, but smaller in size. Due to the fact that less wood and metal are used for manufacturing, the weight of the pony saddle is small, around 4-5 kg.