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How to choose food for dogs of small breeds

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Among the variety of dog food available for sale, it can be difficult for the owner of a small breed of four-legged pet to make the right choice. It is necessary to take into account not only the breed, but also the age and general health of the dog, as well as the category of dry or wet ready-made food, the composition. Traditionally, pets weighing up to 10 kg are considered small breeds. Due to high mobility, accelerated metabolism, Small stomach size, weak intestines, dog food should be carefully selected. Learn how to choose the right food for small dogs that will not only please your pet, but also be useful to him.

Food grades for dogs of small breeds

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Conventionally, 4 categories of dog food are distinguished by composition and price:

Economy . The cheapest option contains the least amount of natural products. Instead of meat or poultry, manufacturers use offal. As a rule, there are no vitamins and minerals, but there are a lot of artificial colors and flavors that do not benefit the dog at all. Sold in any supermarket.
Premium . Slightly better than economy class products, since the amount of animal and vegetable fats, meat is balanced in percentage terms. These foods are found in some supermarkets and pet stores.
Super premium . They contain a sufficient amount of meat and healthy supplements, including vitamins and trace elements. One of the advantages is the diversity of species, so there will be no problems with the choice of food for a particular breed, the individual needs of the pet.
Comprehensiveness . The finest prepared foods, which contain at least 30% meat, are more than enough for small breeds.
Important points about feeding small dogs
The smallest dogs of Game breeds and dwarf breeds spend a lot of energy, because they are very active, but it is unacceptable to overfeed them. Such a pet should not be given a lot of dry food – it swells in the stomach. Ideally, if you feed your four-legged friend a lot, but in very small portions, depending on age and activity.

You should not choose large food – it should be in the form of small granules that the pet can easily swallow and will not cause digestive problems.

A banal recommendation, which some owners of small dogs ignore, is to choose ready-made foods based on age. Those. The packaging should indicate: beginner, beginner, adult, or senior.

Pets of small size, even with high activity, can quickly gain weight. Obesity is deadly for them. So, animal protein (meat) in the supplement should be about 25%, and the filling of vegetable origin (for example, rice, etc.) is absolutely undesirable in the composition.

What should be in dog food

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Taking into account the characteristics of Dogs of small breeds, it is ideal if the composition contains prebiotics that help normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which protect the joints. The feed must also contain the following substances:

  • Omega-3, omega-6: help improve the condition of the coat and vision.
  • Animal protein: rabbit fillet, beef, chicken, ocean fish or cold cuts.
  • Potatoes or sweet potatoes instead of cereals.
  • L C-methionine for the Prevention of urolithiasis.
  • The above components will not always be present in any high-quality feed, but their presence is desirable. Often they will be found in feeds from the category of inclusive.