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LED Crystal Rose Table Lamp Atmosphere Night Light

LED Crystal Rose Table Lamp Atmosphere Night Light

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Emitting Color


Size: 8.66in high, 3.54in diameter
Voltage: less than or equal to 36V
Power: 1.5 W
Three-color light:
warm light + warm white light + white light
16 color lights:
warm light + warm white light + white light + yellow light + blue light + red light, etc., a total of 16 colors. Strong light and low light adjustable (can be used as atmosphere light, can be used as lighting)
USB Switch/Touch Remote Design (Optional)
Open switch, the table lamp can show fascinating light and shadow effects. It is made of acrylic material, with clear and smooth lines and simple design.
Special 3D Technology
The 3D effect is like a diamond. The refracting crystal lights are bright and colorful, highlighting the gorgeous temperament, decorating your living room and creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere.It is very suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room, study room, craft room, corridor, closet, hotel, office, etc.
Please touch the top of the lamp with your palm, not with your fingers.
There are two styles of 3-color lights, 3-color USB switch [plug-in version] and 3-color touch switch [chargeable version]
There are two styles of 16-color lights, 16-color remote control switch [chargeable version] and 16-color touch remote control switch [chargeable version]
Packing Include:
1*Table Lamp
1*Data Cable
1*Remote Control (Optional)



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