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The fastest horses in the world

three horses on green ground

When choosing an individual for racing, the role is played not so much by the appearance of the stallion as by its speed. It has been repeatedly proven that thoroughbred horses are the fastest in the world. Consider the fastest breeds and their champions.

The fastest breeds

brown horse on green grass hill

The speed of the horse depends on the type of gait. Some horses are faster at a gallop, others at a trot. The speed of animals also changes depending on the length of the distance. Representatives of some breeds are more successful in short distances, others are in the lead in a long run.

In addition to breed, heredity, conditions of detention and a balanced diet affect the speed of a horse.

  1. English Thoroughbreds. Bred in England specifically for racing. There is no faster one in the world. Over time, they spread everywhere, because no one could compete with them. Representatives of this species are able to develop speed at short distances – 60-63 km / h, at long distances (more than 2800 m) – up to 55 km / h.

English horses demonstrate such results due to their special physique. Their heart size is larger than that of stallions of other breeds. If most horses have a heart rate of 60 beats per minute while running, then these horses have 140 beats per minute. And this does not affect their well-being.

The height of the English racehorse is about 160 cm. The body is muscular and dry, the legs are long. Only purebreds are allowed to race, the appearance of which meets the standards, and the pedigree is ideal.

2- Arabian horses. They are in second place in terms of speed of movement. Their main trump card is endurance. Some representatives also sometimes accelerate to 60 km / h, but they are not able to compete with English horses.

The growth of Arabian horses is about 153 cm, the legs are shorter than those of the English.

3- French riding (French sel). This breed is among the “nimble”, but takes part in competitions mainly in jumping sports. French mudflows are especially good in steeplechase and triathlon. Sometimes individual representatives participate in races along with thoroughbreds, because the blood of English and Arabian horses flows through the veins of French mudflows (they were bred by crossing several species).

Growth can be very different – from 155 to 170 cm.

4 – Trotters . Trotters are especially strong at the trot. They are capable of accelerating up to 50 km/h. This result is shown by different subspecies – both Russian, and American, and French and Oryol. These horses perform well in short distance races. They are interesting in appearance: the Orlovsky trotter stands out especially.

Horse rating

At short distances, this rating remained unchanged for a long time, but 10 years ago a new champion was found.

1st place . Mare Winnin Brew . At the races in the USA in the spring of 2008, she showed a speed of 70.76 km / h. This is an absolute record. The running distance was 402.4 m.

2nd place. English stallion Beach Rackit . In 1945, at the same short distance of 402.4 m, he demonstrated a speed of 69.7 km / h. The representative of the same breed, Onion Roll, repeated his achievement almost 50 years later in 1993, but could not overtake him.

3rd place Stallion Siglevi Slave. His speed was 69.3 km/h, and the distance was 804.8 m. It is worth clarifying that during the record setting, the horse was rushing without a jockey, which, of course, is a little easier.

The long distance winner is the thoroughbred Haukaster . In the 2414 m race, he reached a speed of 60.86 km / h.


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