The most expensive breeds of dogs

shallow focus photography of white shih tzu puppy running on the grass

Secrets and legends surround the history of Imperial dogs, which in Europe are called “Pekingese”. In China, they were also called “sweet lotus flower”, “sun dog”, “Pearl” and also “lion dog”.

According to legend, The Lion, The King of monsters, fell in love with a monkey. To be with his beloved, he had to sacrifice his size and strength. Love, of course, was stronger, and The Lion agreed to such sacrifices. Thus, Pekingese inherited courage, calmness and courage from the lion, and large “human” dark eyes from the monkey.

According to one of the legends related to these beautiful animals, the evil sorcerer decided to separate the loving prince from the Princess. The prince became a squirrel living on land, and the princess became a beautiful lotus flower that can only exist in water. However, the Great Buddha took pity on the two lovers, and a certain creature was born to them, which is as beautiful as a lotus and as fluffy as a squirrel.

The real life of representatives of this breed was also fascinating. After all, no one in China, except the emperor, has the right to keep this breed. It was also impossible to take a Pekingese out of the Imperial Palace, and he was punishable by death. No wonder the palace was called the Forbidden City.

Lion dogs were kept only in cages made of bamboo – “wings with higher harmony”. In the morning, a ritual was always performed: Pekingese greeted the wives of the Empire by raising their paws and barking. Therefore, women have always been loved. They were also served by hairdressers, masquerades, and even servants brushing their teeth. The chefs were as sophisticated as they could. After all, the dog’s refusal to eat can serve as a punishment for the Cook.

In various religious rituals, Pekingese were worn on their hands and, of course, on their hands. Revered in everything. After all, these dogs, according to legend, accompanied Confucius himself and Buddha in his wanderings.

Before we move on to the level of this breed, I would like to warn future owners. If you are not morally ready to share your home with the emperor, the inhabitants of Beijing will give you a lot of problems. After all, since birth, this dog is full of arrogant dignity. But the self-centeredness of the people of Beijing can completely turn him into a real domestic tyrant. Even small children who want to play with him will often be disappointed by his coldness. The lion dog only plays when he wants it. As for the exhibitions and the arena, you will not have any problems here. He will not be the first to fight a fight, he will not bark again, but showing his appearance, he will bathe in attention and show his best. It is also possible that because of their selection of food ،

The health of Pekingese in general is excellent. True, in the heat, he, like all dogs with a short muzzle, begins to choke, and also does not tolerate fast running well. In the physiology of the bikini one of the weaknesses is the eyes. There is a possibility of diseases such as glaucoma and conjunctivitis. Therefore, the eyes of your pet should be monitored very carefully.

General appearance: Pekingese, very small (25-20 CM), squat, strong dog and has a very original appearance. The head is massive, large, the muzzle is wide, very short, with transverse folds. The eyes are bulging, large, wide and straight. As for the nose, it should be painted black with two full nostrils. Pekingese with a brown or flesh-colored nose as well as blue eyes will be excluded. Noses with light spots are Vice. Ears are medium in size, hanging, heart-shaped, not very high. Ears that develop are a vice. The front legs are massive, short, with strong bones and pronounced angles of elbows. The hind legs are slightly weaker, but still strong and well formed. The coat is thick, long and straight

As for color, the most common are red of all shades and gray-blue with a “mask” of dark color on the muzzle. In monochrome dogs, a white “mask” is desirable.

The weight of males ranges from 3.2 to 5 kg, for females – from 3.6 to 5.4 kg. Contrary to popular belief, the pygmy Pekingese simply does not exist. It is rarely fashionable to meet a short person in the litter, whose weight is not more than 2.7 kg. This dog is called a sleeve dog, as it can easily be hidden in the wide sleeves of a Chinese owner.

As for the care of Pekingese, it is worth remembering that they must be combed daily with a soft brush. You don’t need to shower too much. It is sometimes better to treat the coat with talcum powder, which is simply removed with a brush.

Today, the dog has become part of almost every family. In rural areas, these pets are irreplaceable, as they perform their main function – protecting the territory from thieves and wild animals. Recently, you can meet a lot of families living with a dog and in an apartment – this is fashionable, and it will never be boring within four walls.

Dogs have become affordable: friends and acquaintances give them to someone, someone finds future pets on the street, and someone buys dogs on the market, because today’s prices allow it.

But there are special breeds of dogs that ordinary people will never allow themselves to own, because of the high cost. It is about such expensive breeds of dogs that will be discussed in our article.

Tenth place

Akita in ranks tenth in terms of its market value. This breed of dog was originally intended for fighting with other fighting dogs, as well as for hunting bears. You can buy a puppyu at a price Ofu 500 Tou 900.

Ninth place

The Bearded Collie ranked ninth. This breed of dog was specially bred to help shepherds walk with their sheep. You can buy a puppy of this breed in the region from 2500 to 3000 dollars.

Eighth place

On the eighth line in terms of its value ISR Yu X.. Many may think that this breed of dog is somehow related to the ancient pharaohs, but this is basically not the case. This is a rare breed of dogs, the name of which was derived from a British forgery of the twentieth century. The cost of a hunting dog puppy ranges from 2500 to 3000 US dollars.

Seventh place

The seventh place is occupied by the French bulldog, which can be purchased for 2 2700-3200. The peculiarity of this variety is that it grows artificially. Quite simply, when mating, male French bulldogs, to put it mildly, treat their partners carelessly and crush them. But even if the mating was successful, the bitch may not give birth, since the head of the newly born puppies is too large for normal passage through the mother’s organs.

Sixth place

In sixth place is the Tibetan mastiff – one of the oldest dog breeds. Initially, Tibetan monks used dogs of this breed as guards of the territory and guides for nomads in the Himalayas. To date, you can buy a Tibetan mastiff puppy in the range of 3 3000-6000, but there are times when people donate big money at auctions – 1 1.5 million each.

Fifth place

The fifth place is correctly awarded togllrr – a real keeper of the yard. In many films ,l AR AR is presented as cold-blooded killers capable of biting everything that moves to death. In fact, it is not. ……… Real purebred, who have been taught the rules of behavior and commands in time, are very intelligent dogs that will attack a person only as a last resort, when it is really necessary. The cost of a trained thoroughbred Rottweiler ranges from 2 2,500 to.8,000.

Fourth place

In fourth place is a very interesting breed of dogs, which has a less interesting name – Cava Ar ar ar Al Al Al A. It is believed that this breed of dog is one of the favorites of all kings and other representatives of the state. R .ll is able to relieve stress, which is probably why many members of high society acquire such pets. The list of notable owners of this breed of Dogs is as follows: the wife of Frank Sinatra, the family of William F. Buckley, the Reagan couple, Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood and others. When buying, many factors related to the external structure of the puppy are taken into account).

Third place

The third place in terms of value is occupied by the oldest dog on Earth – Dog Rhea. Initially, Rhea lived in the far north of Russia. At the end of the twentieth century, scientists believed that this breed of dogs would soon become extinct, but thanks to the efforts of specialists from the west, nothing threatens Rhea dogs today. For a puppy Samoyed you will be asked for between 5 5,000 and.10,000.

second place

Runner-up was the Canadian Eskimo dog. It is noteworthy that in 1973 the only representative of this breed remained on Earth. Thanks to the efforts of Canadian scientists, Canadian Eskimo dogs have not become extinct, and now they can be bought for 7 7000-1000.

First place

Rhea ranks first in the list of the Most Expensive Dogs in the world. This is an exclusively decorative breed of dogs, which is also called the “lion dog”. This name was given due to the fact that they are often cut like lions – it looks very funny and unusual. The cost of Lyon decor pieces ranges from 8 8,000 to usd 12,000